Chia seeds

Who doesn't like chia seeds? Even our farmers enjoy a spoon of chia in their tea.

Chia is a relatively new crop in Tanzania. It provides an additional income to farmers as it can be intercropped/rotated with other cash and food crops like coffee, banana and local variety beans.  

Lima is the only local processor of chia in the region we work hence we provide employment and technical training to people in the region. We pre-clean our chia with a purity of >98%.

Our chia is certified organic (NOP and EU). Also availble conventional. Please contact us for more information regarding availability and prices. 


Chia is a relatively new crop in Tanzania.  By conducting research and engaging with chia farmers we learn about the plant, improve seed quality and farm yields. 
In all our operational areas, we engage as much as we can with our local staff and smallholder farmers.