Meet our 'Wazee'

In Swahili, we call a respected person a 'Mzee' or 'Wazee' (plural). Lima directors, advisors and shareholders are selected thanks to their competence. Let us introduce you to our Wazee. 

Eric Smeets

Our Belgium company founder and managing director did not know he would fall in love with Tanzania when he first set foot here 30 years ago. Eric has developed and designed our unique field management system. He is truly an enthusiast about organic agriculture, agroforestry and business. 

Tinson Nzunda 

If you have questions about coffee then contact Lima's co-founder and operational director. Tinson is a proud Tanzanian, director of the Tanzanian coffee board and was the chairman of the Tanzanian coffee association. He currently serves as chairman of the community service in Mbozi. 

Jeremy Lefroy

Co-founder and shareholder of the Biolands Group, the previous group of companies of our ‘wazee’ until 2014. He runs African Speciality Products, a coffee-buying company. Jeremy remains a personal friend of Eric Smeets and Tinson Nzunda. Lima often requests Jeremy’s advice on finance, trading and risk management. Jeremy is a chartered accountant of British descent. He was a member of the UK parliament, chairs the board of EFTA (Equity for Tanzania Ltd), executive director of the NGO Café Africa, and trustee of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and of the Innovative Vector Control Consortium. 

Prosper Mbongela

Prosper represents the new generation within Lima. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Marketing Management and has a post-graduate diploma in Accountancy. He is in charge of crop-processing operations.