Elton farm

Elton farm is the heart of Lima. Our office is located here, including the Arabica coffee line and the avocado oil factory. 98 hectares of land are under cultivation, we use it as a demonstration plot and we have a large nursery for tree seedling production. We conserve 75 hectares as indigenous Tanzanian forest. 

Propagation material

On Elton farm, we produce over half a million of tree seedlings per year including avocado (Hass and Fuerte), macadamia, Arabica coffee and some yellow hardwood species. 

Please contact us for more information regarding seedling and seed material availability and prices. 

Coffee and avocado processing

Most of our Arabica coffee is procured from smallholder farmers and washed at village level. The beans are graded, hand-picked and stored at our coffee processing facility on Elton farm.

Since 2016, we've been working hard to increase avocado production and avocado quality in the region. High quality Hass and Fuerte avocadoes are bought from farmers with a premium and exported as fresh fruit. The surplus is processed into crude avocado oil on Elton farm.