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Lima aims at smallholder income diversification, therefore we buy as many crops from the farmer as possible. We pre-process crops locally to provide employement in rural areas. Looking for something specific which is not shown below? Let us know.

Most of our products are available conventional and organic certified (NOP and EU). 

Cocoa beans 

Cocoa beans from Tanzanian origin is regarded as high quality, low-cadnium beans.  

Green coffee beans 

Almost all our smallholders produce coffee beans. In the South, we collect beautiful flavoured washed Arabica beans and in the North mildly flavoured Robusta beans. 

Avocado fruit 

To guarantee the quality of our avocado fruits, we have a trained team to hand-pick the fruits. We only pick Hass and Fuerte avocado varieties for fresh export. 

Crude avocado oil

Thanks to our tree planting project in the Southern regions, avocado production has increased significantly.  Avocadoes are processed into crude avocado oil in our local factory. 

Sesame seeds 

Available both organic and conventional, processed at village level. Lima's sesame has a beautiful whitish color and premium taste. 

Chia seeds 

Our smallholders produce organic chia seeds which are intercropped and rotated with crops like banana, coffee, avocado, yams, beans and wild amaranth. Chia as a relative new crop in East-Africa is doing very well and provide a new sort of income to our smallholders. 

And many more... 

We work on crop diversification, we buy as many crops of our smallholders as possible. Recently, we have started buying kidney beans, rice and sunflower seeds. Please contact us for more information or special requests.  

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