Fresh avocado fruit

Tanzania is rich in avocadoes. The local varieties are great in taste but not suitable for export. 

We plant Hass and Fuerte varieties with our smallholder farmers and on Elton farm which are suitable for export and oil processing. Propagation material is carefully selected on Elton farm.

Lima exports Hass and Fuerte varieties. Fruits are carefully picked by a trained team and sorted to ensure best quality fruit. Fruits which are damaged or not fit for export, are processed into avocado oil.  

Most of our avocadoes are sourced from smallholder farmers, a smaller amount originates from Elton farm. We use local sorting houses to provide employment and technical knowhow to people from the region. Our avocadoes are certified organic by Ecocert (NOP and EU) and Global Gap. Contact us for more information about availability and prices.